Sam Chirnside x Standard Vision (2019)

Large scale motion piece on display at One Culver lobby, Culver City, California

Sam Chirnside x Standard Vision (2019)

Gazi - Melbourne 

Series of works exhibited at Gazi, Melbourne.

Gazi, Melbourne (2018)Gazi, Melbourne (2018)

Auster - New York City (2016)

Showcase in collaboration with the launch of Auster. Hypebeast event re-cap

Auster Launch NYC (2016)

Frequencies showcase Melbourne (2016)

Challenging the viewer to see his works as the color and form sound waves would transmit could they be interpreted on the visual plane, Chirnside aims to lessen the distance between the visual and aural senses. Understanding that at the base of all communications are wave lengths and vibrations, it is the artists hope that he may blur the lines between the two interconnected but disparate forms of communication to a point of no return.